Deepwater Horizon - Lots of action but ...

Deepwater Horizon wasn't an ideal choice for today but sometimes it is quite difficult to find a suitable film for the club. As it turned out I think the action during the second half, and the emotional scenes in the final sequences, may have just swayed some people's overall opinion. The early part of the film, however, suffered from the perennial problem of indistinct American drawl, not helped by the fact that much of the dialogue was drowned out by the loud environment on the oil rig. This, I think, spoiled some people's enjoyment.

The audience was much smaller than for last month's very popular Bridget Jones film, which wasn't surprising. Unfortunately films of the Bridget Jones genre don't come up that often. Next month, however,
A Street Cat Named Bob takes us back into more familiar territory, and with a British actors and a less frenetic setting, we shouldn't suffer the same problems as today.

In May we have
A United Kingdom, which I would suggest will be absolutely ideal for the club. Romance and some beautiful African scenery, what more could you want?

For anybody who wasn't at the film today, please note that I made an error on the forthcoming films hand-out. The film in May will be on the 23rd, not the 27th. If you re-download the sheet from this site, you will find that this error has now been corrected.