Tearful end to Viceroy's House

There was applause at the end of Viceroy's House and a few tears in the audience, not surprising considering the emotional reunion of the two star-crossed lovers, that up to then was looking very unlikely.

The tender love story aside, this was an important historical film that laid bare some of the shenanigans surrounding the partition of India in 1947. It attracted a good audience and we are pleased that people enjoyed it.

There may also be a few tears during next month's film,
Their Finest, although I expect that there will be a lot more in the way of laughs as we watch the making of a propaganda film to boost the country's moral after the disaster of Dunkirk.

In November we are again in the war, but this time in Warsaw with
The Zookeeper's Wife, who with her husband take great risks to rescue Jewish people from persecution by the invading German army.

We hope that a good number of you will be able to come along.