You braved the rain to see La La Land

La La Land's multi Oscar winning performance obviously convinced you that it was worth braving the heavy rain to come to see it. We had a near full house and I think most people were pleased they came, even if some were a little perplexed by the ending. The romantics among you were probably also disappointed that Sebastian and Mia didn't end up together. Although with the imaginary 'what could have been' alternative ending perhaps some of you thought they did!

Next month we have
Lion, with Dev Patel (Best Exotic Marigold Hotel) playing a young man trying to find his biological mother back in India, having been adopted after becoming lost as a small child.

There is no film in August as we expect many of you may be on holiday or otherwise occupied.

We're back in September with
Viceroy's House, coincidently another film about India, but this time we're in 1947 when Lord Mountbatten was dispatched to supervise the handing back of India to its people, accompanied by his wife and daughter .