Lion was applauded

While it wasn't quite a full house we nevertheless had a good audience come to see Lion, and from the applause and positive comments I received afterwards people obviously enjoyed it.

The acoustics in the parish hall are not very good and, depending on the clarity of the speech in a film, our audience sometimes miss some of the dialogue. Some time ago we added additional speakers at the back of the hall but this hasn't completely resolved the problem. Knowing that there were quiet passages in Lion, I suggested that I enable the English subtitles, noting that the first part of the film is in any event subtitled because the action takes place in India. This was more successful than I could have imagined and I think we will continue to do this with future films.

There is no film in August as we expect many of you may be on holiday or otherwise occupied.

We're back in September with
Viceroy's House, coincidently another film about India, but this time we're in 1947 when Lord Mountbatten was dispatched to supervise the handing back of India to its people, accompanied by his wife and daughter.

And in October we have
Their Finest, an entertaining British film set in London during the Blitz, where we see Gemma Arterton as Catrin, a young woman breaking into the male preserve of film making, and adding her feminine touch to the production of a propaganda film aimed at raising moral after the Dunkirk evacuation. This is a light-hearted film with a mix of comedy and romance.