Carol - I think you liked it

We were a bit worried today as approaching 1:30pm there were only around half a dozen people in the hall. Fortunately quite a few more turned up before the film started and although it wasn't a big audience, we realise that in July and August people are often away or have other commitments.

It's fair to say that the film wasn't perhaps exactly tailored to our audience, but unfortunately we can't have Maggie Smith every month, and occasionally it's good to have a film that asks a bit more of the audience. I hope you agree.

Next month we have another film that pushes the boundaries,
The Danish Girl. We hope that you can come along as August is often the month of our lowest attendance.

In September the mood will be well and truly lightened with
Eddie The Eagle, which I'm sure will be totally undemanding unless you find laughter a challenge.


Bob Paris 2015