The Nice Guys - not so nice!

Once again a small audience, which is disappointing and is also eating in to our financial reserves. Each month we are currently having to make up the shortfall on the cost of the viewing licence to the tune of around £45. Obviously we can't carry on like this as the money will soon run out.

The Nice Guys clearly wasn't universally liked. It was a slight departure from our normal choice of films but I had hoped that the comedy factor would have compensated for the fact it was a bit violent, albeit in a
comédie noire sort of way. However, at least one person said that they thought it was a terrible film when asked, so we obviously got it wrong for some people on this occasion.

Next month there won't be any violence, and hopefully no swearing, as
Florence Foster Jenkins takes to the stage. Let's hope she also brings in a better audience.

Thank you to all of you who came today, your support is greatly appreciated.


Bob Paris 2015