Bob (the cat) charmed everyone

You get a sense that a film is going to be popular and this was the case today with A Street Cat named Bob. We normally set out 42 seats and today 41 were occupied. The applause at the end confirmed our feelings.

We were also pleased to welcome a few new faces in the audience. And to put the icing on the cake, literally, Liz Wright, who had asked for this film to coincide with her birthday, kindly shared her birthday cake and made a donation to the club. A big thank you Liz.

We're now entering a run of films that we feel will be ideally suited to you, our audience. Next month,
A United Kingdom tells a true but largely unknown story of the romance between an English office worker and the heir to an African Kingdom in the during the late 1940s.

In June we have
La La Land, a hugely successful film that takes us back to the Hollywood musicals.

And for July, it will be
Lion, the story of how a young man, adopted as a child after becoming separated from his family, endeavours to find his biological mother back in India.