A mixed response to "Hail, Caesar!"

Today it was our first film of 2017, "Hail, Caesar!" The Cohen Brothers' humour is perhaps a bit of an acquired taste and while there were some audible chuckles from the audience during the film, I think a few people may have found the story line a bit too disjointed.

Next month we have
Bridget Jones's Baby and judging by the reaction when I mentioned it today, we may perhaps see quite a few more people in February. Let's hope so.

I took the opportunity today to explain to the audience that we were struggling to attract sufficient numbers of people and as a result the club is losing money every month. People were asked to encourage their friends to support us, as we will not be able to continue unless we cover our costs. I've arranged for a short piece to be included in the Wimblington News for February explaining our situation. A copy of the article can be download