The Danish Girl well received

Another small audience for The Danish Girl today, but those who came seemed to enjoy the film. We are considering not screening a film in July or August next year as historically we invariably get small audiences during these months, and with the significant cost of licensing each film we are having to bear the shortfall.

Let's hope that most of you will be back in September when we shall be showing
Eddie the Eagle, a film to laugh at after the last three that have been somewhat on the serious side.

In October we stick with humour, although
The Nice Guys has a bit of a violent edge to it, qualifying as a black comedy I think.

And keeping it light, in November
Florence Foster Jenkins should raise a smile or two, as Meryl Streep plays the eponymous lady who believed that she was a great opera singer, but unfortunately wasn't, her wealth and philanthropy allowing her to live out her dream.


Bob Paris 2015