Forthcoming films

I’m told that Philomena was popular while I was away on holiday. As always, a thank you to those of you who came along to see it. A big thank you also to my friend, also Bob, who took over at the DVD player while I was away.

Next week we have
One Chance, the inspiring and often amusing story of how the unassuming Paul Potts realised his dream of becoming an internationally recognised opera singer.

In July we take on a more serious story with
12 Years a Slave, which deservedly received Oscar nominations and awards this year.

There will not be a film in August, as we have found that many people take holidays or have other commitments at this time of year. Apologies to those who would have liked to come along.

For September we’ve chosen
The Railway Man. With yet another superb performance from Colin Firth, who plays Eric Lomax, a soldier who suffered at the hands of the Japanese and who is haunted by the memories. His new wife, played by Nicole Kidman, supports him on his quest to confront the horrors of the past.

We look forward to seeing you at the Parish Hall.