Forthcoming films

It’s the New Year and this month we’re starting it with Silver Linings Playbook.

In February we ares showing
About Time, which combines time travel with romance, leading to some funny moments, and a few unexpected outcomes.

For March we have
Sunshine on Leith. Very much in the genre of Mamma Mia, although in this case the voices are arguably somewhat better. This richly deserves the description of a feel-good movie.

Regrettably we are not screening a film in April. The fourth Tuesday falls directly after Easter Monday and we have found that our audience usually shrinks dramatically when we show a film during a holiday period. Also, I shall be in France during April so shall not be available to lay out the tables/chairs, collect the ticket money and operate the DVD player. We are, unfortunately, only a two-person crew, and while we try to plan holidays around the film club dates, it isn’t always possible.