Change of Film for February

This month I have been having some difficulties with our licensing company, Filmbank. Our original choice of film, My Old Lady, wasn't listed in their catalogue. That may have been my mistake for not checking when I first chose it.

It was necessary, therefore, to choose an alternative, and I selected
Suite Française, having checked that it was listed by Filmbank. However, when I came to book it, I found that Filmbank couldn't issue a commercial licence for his film, something I've never before experienced. Apologies, therefore, to anybody who visited the site and saw Suite Française advertised as the replacement film for February.

I have now chosen
The Age of Adaline, an intriguing and enjoyable romance that I think you should enjoy. More importantly, it's booked!

Apologies again for this late change of programme and for jumping from one film to another.