Welcome to 2017

A New Year and a new programme of films for you.

I'm not sure that everybody appreciates that the club has to license each film we show to remain within the law. The licence is quite expensive and recently we haven't been covering our costs because audiences have been small. We use a company named Filmbank to obtain our licences and last year one of the major film distributors changed its arrangements with Filmbank, resulting in films from that distributor no longer being available to us. This unfortunately limits choice and it is sometimes difficult to find a film that meets the perceived taste of our audience. I know that some films have not been as popular as others.

I have also noted that very few people actually visit this website. As a result, I regret that I am discontinuing the monthly quiz. It takes time to research and configure and I don't think that time is warranted in view of the limited number of people, if any, who actually view it. The quizzes from previous years remain available in the

We start the year in January with '
Hail, Caesar!' a comedy set in 1950s Hollywood. Then in February we have 'Bridget Jones's Baby', a film I know some of you have been looking forward to. And in March we have some action with Deepwater Horizon, a human story based on the oil rig disaster that took place in the Gulf of Mexico.

We hope you will find time to come along and support us.