Thumbs up for Florence Foster Jenkins

Florence Foster Jenkins is a film that is difficult not to like, and it was well received today. Regrettably it did not attract a bigger audience and we had plenty of empty seats.

We close down now until after Christmas, when we kick-off the New Year in January with
"Hail, Caesar!", starring George Clooney.

In February we have
Bridget Jones's Baby, which a number of people have asked about.

We wish you all an enjoyable Christmas and look forward to seeing you in the New Year.

Bob & Pat


The Nice Guys - not so nice!

Once again a small audience, which is disappointing and is also eating in to our financial reserves. Each month we are currently having to make up the shortfall on the cost of the viewing licence to the tune of around £45. Obviously we can't carry on like this as the money will soon run out.

The Nice Guys clearly wasn't universally liked. It was a slight departure from our normal choice of films but I had hoped that the comedy factor would have compensated for the fact it was a bit violent, albeit in a
comédie noire sort of way. However, at least one person said that they thought it was a terrible film when asked, so we obviously got it wrong for some people on this occasion.

Next month there won't be any violence, and hopefully no swearing, as
Florence Foster Jenkins takes to the stage. Let's hope she also brings in a better audience.

Thank you to all of you who came today, your support is greatly appreciated.


Bob Paris 2015

Applause for Eddie the Eagle

The British love of the underdog shone through today as the audience applauded at the end of Eddie the Eagle. They clearly enjoyed the film.

Regrettably we had another relatively small audience but there were some new faces, which is encouraging.

In October there will be more humour with
The Nice Guys, although in this film the laughs are a bit less innocent.

And keeping it light, in November
Florence Foster Jenkins should raise a smile or two, as Meryl Streep plays the eponymous lady who believed that she was a great opera singer, but unfortunately wasn't, her wealth and philanthropy allowing her to live out her dream.

We take a break in December for Christmas.


Bob Paris 2015

The Danish Girl well received

Another small audience for The Danish Girl today, but those who came seemed to enjoy the film. We are considering not screening a film in July or August next year as historically we invariably get small audiences during these months, and with the significant cost of licensing each film we are having to bear the shortfall.

Let's hope that most of you will be back in September when we shall be showing
Eddie the Eagle, a film to laugh at after the last three that have been somewhat on the serious side.

In October we stick with humour, although
The Nice Guys has a bit of a violent edge to it, qualifying as a black comedy I think.

And keeping it light, in November
Florence Foster Jenkins should raise a smile or two, as Meryl Streep plays the eponymous lady who believed that she was a great opera singer, but unfortunately wasn't, her wealth and philanthropy allowing her to live out her dream.


Bob Paris 2015

Carol - I think you liked it

We were a bit worried today as approaching 1:30pm there were only around half a dozen people in the hall. Fortunately quite a few more turned up before the film started and although it wasn't a big audience, we realise that in July and August people are often away or have other commitments.

It's fair to say that the film wasn't perhaps exactly tailored to our audience, but unfortunately we can't have Maggie Smith every month, and occasionally it's good to have a film that asks a bit more of the audience. I hope you agree.

Next month we have another film that pushes the boundaries,
The Danish Girl. We hope that you can come along as August is often the month of our lowest attendance.

In September the mood will be well and truly lightened with
Eddie The Eagle, which I'm sure will be totally undemanding unless you find laughter a challenge.


Bob Paris 2015

Mixed response for Room

Our film today, Room, received very positive reviews and won Brie Larson a best actress Oscar, but I sensed that our audience weren't altogether comfortable with it. It started slowly and if you didn't know the story it could have been a bit confusing. With some films audience reaction at the end makes it obvious that the film has been a success, and at the very least I usually get one or two positive comments, but today people left without saying much. So we're sorry if it was a poor choice.

Audience numbers were down a bit today but I believe that Andy Murray was on court at Wimbledon so some people may have stayed at home to watch, which is fair enough.

Next month we're showing
Carol, an unconventional but tender love story starring Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara. We hope that you can find time to come along.

Thanking you as always for your support.


Bob Paris 2015

Phenominal turnout for Maggie

The Lady in the Van with Maggie Smith demolished our previous box office record today. In fact, with 81 people we had difficulty fitting everybody in, which is a rare event indeed. As I said to the audience, if we needed proof that Maggie is a national treasure, today's large audience was confirmation.

I don't think anybody was disappointed with the film, although we thank you all for your indulgence as we tried to sort out seating for everybody.

Unfortunately we can't give you a Maggie Smith film every month, but after our brief interlude in May, when there will not be a film, we return in June with
Room, a critically acclaimed film that earned the leading actress, Brie Larson, an Oscar.

And in July we are presenting
Carol, which was heavily tipped for Oscar success, but unfortunately was overlooked, despite outstanding performances from Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara.

We thank everybody for their continuing support and look forward to seeing you all again.


May's quiz is now available

Bob Paris 2015

Suffragette well received

Not quite a full house this month but a respectable attendance none the less. The feedback from the audience seemed positive for this well-acted and often emotional story.

We experimented with some additional speakers at the rear of the hall today. This enabled us to avoid the need to set the volume on the front speakers quite as high and I believe that the overall effect was an improvement. I received one positive comment after the film and assume everybody else found the arrangement acceptable as there were no complaints.

Next month we have
The Lady in the Van, a film that I know a number of you have been waiting for. I'm sure that it won't disappoint.

Just to remind you that there will not be a film in May. We return in June with
Room. Please don't let the subject matter of this film put you off. It has been promoted as unmissable by many film critics and by all accounts Brie Larson's performance, for which she won an Oscar, is outstanding.

April's quiz has now been added; early for a change.

Quiz Archive created

I have been posting a monthly quiz since March 2011 and this amounts to quite a few web pages within our site. These were affecting site administration and as I guess not many people actually refer to the previous quizzes, I have moved them to an archive.

You can link to the
archive at any time from the Quiz page.


The Age of Adaline was a good choice

After all the problems I experienced licensing a film this month, as explained in the previous news item, it was encouraging if a bit embarrassing when we ended up with an almost full house.

Considering most of the people had presumably come to see the advertised film, rather than
The Age of Adaline, which was a replacement, everything turned out rather well. Quite a few people commented on how they had enjoyed the film, which is always satisfying.

Next month we have
Suffragette, the licence for which has already been booked !

And in April we are showing
The Lady in the Van, a film that I know many people are looking forward to.

Thank you all for your continuing support.

Change of Film for February

This month I have been having some difficulties with our licensing company, Filmbank. Our original choice of film, My Old Lady, wasn't listed in their catalogue. That may have been my mistake for not checking when I first chose it.

It was necessary, therefore, to choose an alternative, and I selected
Suite Française, having checked that it was listed by Filmbank. However, when I came to book it, I found that Filmbank couldn't issue a commercial licence for his film, something I've never before experienced. Apologies, therefore, to anybody who visited the site and saw Suite Française advertised as the replacement film for February.

I have now chosen
The Age of Adaline, an intriguing and enjoyable romance that I think you should enjoy. More importantly, it's booked!

Apologies again for this late change of programme and for jumping from one film to another.

U.N.C.L.E. attendance a bit low

There was a bit of a low turnout for The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Perhaps some of you had already seen it.

When we choose our monthly film it's always difficult to strike a balance between a film that is so popular it may have already been seen by some of supporters, and one that is relatively unknown and therefore not of immediate appeal. It's alway worth reading the brief review of the film here on the site if it's one that hasn't previously come to your attention.

Next month we have
My Old Lady, perhaps a film that some people do not know. The fact it stars Maggie Smith should reassure you that it's worth seeing, so we hope you will all come along.

Although it's a few days early please note that
February's Quiz is now available.

Suffragette for March

We are pleased to announce that our film for March will be Suffragette.

An emotional and inspiring story of the struggle for votes for women at the beginning of the last century.