Mud a success

I think many people were unsure what to expect from ‘Mud’ today, as it wasn’t a well-known film and the title gave little away. The early part of the film also probably wasn’t very enlightening. However, once the plot started to unwind any doubts were, I think, dispelled.

We had a good audience. Not quite as large as for Lincoln, but certainly enough to make us feel that film club is appreciated.

No film next month as Christmas gets in the way, but in January we have the very successful
Silver Linings Playbook. We look forward to seeing you.

Good audience for Lincoln

A big thank you to all who came to see Lincoln today. We have been disappointed with our audiences recently and it was a pleasure to see the hall almost full today.

Apologies for the fact that we had a slight glitch with the DVD player. I had played the DVD at home beforehand and have subsequently checked it on another DVD player, but for some reason the first few minutes of the film wouldn’t play in the hall. We hope that this didn’t spoil your enjoyment too much.

Next month’s film is
Mud. Not perhaps as well known as Lincoln but highly recommended nevertheless.


Applause for Alma Cogan

In Love with Alma Cogan attracted a few more people but still well short of the number needed to cover our costs. A big thank you as always to those who came along.

It’s always a good sign when people applaud at the end of the film, as they did today. At least we feel that our choice was to people’s liking.

Next month we have
Lincoln, a film that has been described as unmissable, a description with which I would fully agree.


Poor audience for Les Misérables

We were surprised and more than a little disappointed with the audience today for Les Misérables. Those who did come thoroughly enjoyed this epic film and it’s a great pity that more people didn’t turn up.

We have had quite poor audiences for the last three months. We realise that it’s summer, but last July saw our best ever audience for The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. It seems, therefore, that film choice is perhaps more of a factor than the summer weather.

Having said this, two of the last three films have been Oscar winners.

feedback would be appreciated.

October & November films

In October we are showing Lincoln.

A superbly made historical drama that has been described as unmissable by some reviewers.

And for November we have chosen ‘

It may not be a film that you have heard of, but it is highly recommended with fine acting and a heart-warming story, and the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive.

I have seen it and would agree.


You liked 'Song for Marion'

It wasn’t a big turnout for Song for Marion but those who came enjoyed the film and we received quite a few positive comments at the end of the screening. It was also encouraging to see a few new faces.

Next month we have
Les Misérables and are hoping for full house.

Please don’t disappoint us.

September's film

I know it’s still a little way off, but just to let you know that for our September film we’ve selected In Love with Alma Cogan.

A British production that was filmed on and around Cromer Pier in North Norfolk, we’re sure that you will find this film both entertaining and nostalgic in equal measures.


Argo not popular

It seems that Argo was not a popular choice as we had a very small audience, which was disappointing for a film that won so many awards. Those who came enjoyed the tense drama.

It could be of course that people preferred to stay at home and watch Wimbledon, or perhaps they just wanted to soak up the rare appearance of the sun.

Either way I’m afraid such low attendances eat into to our reserve funds as we still have to pay for the licence. We hope, therefore, that you will be back next month to see
A Song for Marion.

Quartet was a hit

Judging by the spontaneous applause at the end of Quartet I think we can assume that everybody thoroughly enjoyed it. We also had a good attendance. Not quite a full house but not far short, so thank you to everybody for supporting us.

Next month we have a change of pace with the thriller
Argo. As I’ve said previously, this is a brilliant nail-biting drama that has won a host of awards.

In July we have
A Song for Marion. Those of you who came today will have seen the trailer, which can also be viewed on this site.

And for August it will be
Les Misérables, which of course needs no introduction.

You enjoyed The Sapphires

Hello, I’m Bob and I’m back from a month in Paris where I was trying to improve my French. Because of this I missed the April film but understand that The Sapphires was well received, although our audience was unfortunately down a bit on previous months.

This month we have
Quartet, which I think is a very good choice for the club and we are hoping that a few more people will come along and join us.


Good audience for Skyfall

Not quite a full house but a good audience today for Skyfall.

Thank you to everybody who came along and we hope that you enjoyed the film.

Next month we’re showing
The Sapphires. Please come and join us.

Films for June and July

Hi, I’m Bob and I help out at the Hall when we show our films. I also look after this web site.

I’m away for the whole of April so to make sure that you know what films are coming along I’ve set out our programme up until July.

In June we’ve got
Argo, a brilliant nail-biting drama that has won a host of awards this year. Really one not to miss.

For July we’re screening
A Song for Marion. This is a moving story beautifully acted by a British cast. There will probably be a few tears.

And there are a host of other good films that we shall be showing later in the year.


May's film

For May we are bringing you the much admired Quartet.

Starring Tom Courtenay, Billy Connolly, Pauline Collins, Maggie Smith and Michael Gambon this is a celebration of British acting.

And the majority of the supporting cast are in fact retired musicians or musical performers, which adds great authenticity to the story.

Not to be missed.

We are thinking of returning to drama in June with Argo, a film that has collected a host of awards for its director, Ben Affleck.

Shadow Dancer reviewed

Quite often I have seen the film before we screen it at the club, but today’s film Shadow Dancer was a bit of an unknown.

I think it’s fair to say that many in the audience found it a bit difficult to follow at times, especially with the Irish accents. And the end was, for me at least, a bit of a surprise, and perhaps it left some people slightly confused. Still, the occasional challenge is good for us.

Next month we’ve got a much more straightforward plot for you with
Skyfall. James Bond is back, as are the Bond Girls and the obligatory villain.

April's film

With Shadow Dancer this month and Skyfall in March we shall be having a fair bit of drama.

For April, therefore, we’ve decided to lighten the mood somewhat and will be presenting
The Sapphires.

This is a real feel-good movie with great singing and we urge you to come along for the experience.

Don’t worry, Argo and Quartet are still in our schedule, as is Les Misèrables for later in the year.

Changes to web site

We’ve made a few changes to this site.

Instead of having separate sections for the films and their trailers, the trailer has now been added to the same page as the film details, which we feel is simpler as you don’t have to chop and change pages.

A new ‘Past Films’ page has been added. This allows you to look at what films we’ve shown previously. People have in the past asked about when we showed a film, or have forgotten what film was shown during a particular month.

You can link to the original film descriptions from this past films list.

Wintery Ghost Story

Thank you to those who braved the wintery conditions to see The Woman in Black today. It was a small audience but we can understand why some people may not have wanted to tackle the hazardous footpaths in order to get to see the film.

We’re hoping that February will be a little kinder and that more of you can make it to see
Shadow Dancer.

March 2013 film

There have been so many good films released recently that we may face difficult choices for 2013.

Skyfall will become available at the end of February so we have chosen it for our March Film. You can’t beat a good James Bond movie and this is certainly one of the best.

Argo, for which Ben Affleck won best director at the recent Golden Globes, is likely to be released around March and will probably be our April film.

And, of course, there is Quartet, for which we have already received a number of requests. There isn’t currently a release date for this film.

Later in the year we hope to screen Les Miserables, the long-awaited film of the immensely popular stage musical.

All unconfirmed screenings are subject to the availability of licences.

Films for 2013

A new year begins and with it a new batch of films to see at Wimblington Film Club.

This month we have
The Woman in Black, ideal for a winter’s afternoon.

In February we think you will find
Shadow Dancer to be a tense and compelling drama.

Later in the year a number of recent cinema releases should become available subject to us being able to obtain licences to screen them.

The latest James Bond thriller Skyfall is released to DVD in February so could be our March film.

Quartet, which has just been released in the cinema, is highly recommended and subject to licensing we shall endeavour to screen it as soon as possible.

Song for Marion, which is also in cinemas now, is another film that we think will appeal to our audience.

And, of course, the film of Les Miserables is released in the cinemas this month and, subject to licensing, will be an absolute certainty for us to screen when it becomes available on DVD.

A lot to look forward to in 2013.