February 2013 film

For February we’ve selected ‘Shadow Dancer’.

This is a tense thriller based around the troubles in Northern Ireland, and which received very good reviews after it was released earlier this year.

Thanks again for coming along

Another good audience who seemed to enjoy ‘We Bought a Zoo’, although there may have been a few tears in the house.

No film next month because we break for Christmas.

In January we’re showing ‘
The Woman in Black’, which we unfortunately had to cancel in October. Please come along and see this classic ghost story.

January 2013 Film

January’s film is to be The Woman in Black. A gripping ghost story for a winter’s afternoon.

You will probably recall that this film was originally scheduled for October 2012 but we discovered that our normal distributors could not offer us a licence to screen it.

We therefore had to run with a different film, which fortunately we think everybody enjoyed. However, a number of you were disappointed that ‘The Woman in Black’ was not shown, so we made further enquiries and are pleased to say that we have found another distributor who can offer us a licence.

Thank you

Another good turn out today for Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. Thank you everybody for coming along.

Next month we have
We Bought a Zoo and look forward to seeing many of you again.

Apologies to those who expected
The Woman in Black today. Unfortunately we couldn’t licence this film through our normal source so were unable to show it for legal reasons.

If you are able to, we recommend checking this web site for the latest information.

Good audience for War Horse

It was good to see an almost full house for War Horse today. It is a very good film and everybody seemed to enjoy it.

If War Horse brought a few tears of sorrow at times, next month’s film,
Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, should generate some laughter.

We look forward to seeing you on 23 October.

Forthcoming films

We have chosen We Bought a Zoo for our November film.

This is a family comedy that we hope you will enjoy.

Just to remind you that October’s film is
Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

Yesterday's film

A bit of a low attendance at yesterday’s film, My Week with Marilyn. However, those who came seemed to enjoy the film and we received positive feedback from a number of people at the end.

It is, of course, holiday season and the screening was just after the bank holiday weekend. We hope, therefore, that next month’s film,
War Horse, will see more people in the hall.

New web site design

You will have already noticed that the site has had a bit of a make-over.

We hope you like the new layout.

Change of film for October

Unfortunately the film licensing company we use doesn’t offer a licence for ‘The Woman in Black’, which was to be our October film.

As an alternative we have selected ‘Salmon Fishing in the Yemen’.

Please do not be put off by the title. This is a very humorous and well acted film. Here is a review from an Amazon customer:

This film is so worth watching - acting / storyline / scenery / humour. Emily Blunt is good (as she always is) and this is one of the best performances I have seen ever from Ewan McGregor. His performance is really the thing that makes this such a great film. He starts as the nerdy 'boffin' in the Ministry, and discovers life and love. The plot is great and has a black humour to it about the world of politics and spin doctors that will make most people smile.

Thank you again

Another big thank you to everybody who came along today to see ‘The Most Exotic Marigold Hotel’. It was, I believe, a much anticipated film and from your reaction it lived up to expectations.

Next month we have
My Week with Marilyn.

For September we have selected
War Horse, which some of you today said may be too sad for them, while others praised it enormously. We hope all who haven’t already seen it will come along, as there are uplifting as well as sad aspects to this highly acclaimed film.

And for October we have chosen
The Woman in Black, a classic ghost story for the month of Halloween, probably one of the best ghost stories ever written.

A good attendance again

May’s film was ‘The Help’ and a good number of people came along, some of whom had read the book and wanted to see the film.

The discussions in the room afterwards seemed to suggest that it was very well received.

Just to remind you that:

in July we are showing ‘
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’ and

in August it will be ‘
My Week with Marilyn’.

Forthcoming films

Regrettably because of holidays there will be no film in June.

In July we are showing ‘
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’. We have had a number of requests for this film.

In August it will be ‘
My Week with Marilyn’, a charming film that we think you will enjoy.

Thank you again

Thanks to all of you who came to see Another Year by Mike Leigh. This film was a bit different from the usual Hollywood escapism.

The subject matter was at times depressing but there were also moments of humour, and having spoken to a few people afterwards it seems to have been well received.

Next month, on 22nd May, we shall be showing ‘
The Help’. Please come along again and join us.

Another good attendance

We had another good audience for Jane Eyre on 27th March.

A big thank you to all of you who came along. It makes it worthwhile for us and we’re sure it’s more enjoyable for you, as you can catch up with more friends and neighbours.

Next month we shall be screening
Another Year.

Join us on 24th April.

Film for May

The film for May is ‘The Help’.

Please have a look at the brief
summary and the trailer.

We look forward to seeing you on 22 May.

Film for April

The film for April is ‘Another Year’ by Mike Leigh.

Please have a look at the brief
summary and the trailer.

We look forward to seeing you on 24 April.

An extra big thank you

Thank you all for the amazing turn out today to see Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy. No less than 51 people attended and I think all enjoyed the film, although some may have struggled with the labyrinthine plot.

This has given us renewed faith in continuing the club and we are busy planning new films for the future.

Next month we are showing
Jane Eyre so there shouldn’t be any difficulty with the plot as most people are familiar with this classic story.

We shall be adding details for April’s film shortly.

Join us on 27th March.

Film for March

We have chosen Jane Eyre as our film for 27 March.

This latest adaptation has received very good reviews.

You probably all know the story but please have a look at the brief
summary and the trailer.

We look forward to seeing you on the 27th.

Thank you

Thank you to everybody who came to see Tamara Drewe today. We started the day wondering whether we should continue with the film club because of recent poor attendances, and were pleasantly surprised by the number of people who came. We hope that you all enjoyed the film.

Next month we’re screening
Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy, an intriguing spy story set in the 1970s cold war period.

So please join us again on 28 February.