27 October 2015

“Woman in Gold”

Ryan Reynolds and Helen Mirren star in this drama based on the real-life story of Maria Altmann and her legal campaign against the Austrian government.

Mirren plays Altmann, who fled Europe during the Second World War and now lives in Los Angeles. Following the death of her sister, Altmann discovers that a portrait of her aunt painted by Gustav Klimt was stolen by the Nazis from her family home during the war and now hangs in the Belvedere Palace in Vienna. Believing that the portrait rightfully belongs to the family she enlists the help of a young lawyer, Randy Schoenberg (Reynolds), and they embark on a legal campaign to reclaim the portrait.

However, the portrait, known as ‘Woman in Gold’, is regarded as the Mona Lisa of the Austrian State art collection, and the Austrian government place every obstacle possible in Altmann’s way. They almost succeed in breaking her spirit but Schoenberg comes to realise that, for him, the recovery of the painting isn’t just another ‘case’. His continuing commitment re-energises Altmann and between them they take the final gamble in an attempt to retrieve the Woman in Gold.