25 April 2017

”A Street Cat Named Bob"

Based on the true life story and international best-selling book, A Street Cat Named Bob is a moving and uplifting film.

James Bowen is a recovering drug addict who after one almost fatal incident is given a last chance by Val, a support worker, who manages to find him accommodation and get him off the street. He is visited there by a ginger cat who effectively adopts him. James's income is from busking and the cat, who he names Bob, follows him to the bus as he sets off for Covent Garden. A busker with a cat is somewhat of a novelty and James's prospects improve as Bob proves to be very popular with the punters.

Early in their relationship the cat returns injured, which serves as an introduction to a neighbour, Betty, who is a volunteer at a local vets. James ends up spending his food money on the vets' fee and so begins the close relationship between him and the cat. James also clearly has feelings for Betty, which are repressed because he doesn't want her to learn about his drug use. Betty's brother died of an overdose.

Despite the seedier side of drug use, this is in fact a very gentle film. It shows that with a little support, and a bit of luck, a life that was heading in the wrong direction was turned around, Bob the cat providing the necessary friendship and a reason for living.