23 February 2016

”My Old Lady"

New Yorker Mathias (Kevin Kline) shows up in Paris, having been left a handsome apartment by his father. Embittered by failures and disappointments in his life, and a recovering alcoholic, he is relying on this property to boost his bank balance.

But, to his horror, he finds it has a 92-year-old sitting tenant Mathilde (Maggie Smith) who sold it for a song on condition that she could stay and receive rent for the rest of her life. It seems that his father knew Mathilde rather well, and in leaving the apartment to Mathias it wasn't so much of an inheritance, but more a means of ensuring that Mathilde continued to receive her rent.

So almost broke, he can’t sell it and needs to pay to stay there.

And then Mathilde’s daughter Chlo
é arrives!