25 July 2017


A moving biographical story of a young Indian boy, Saroo, who became separated from his brother as a result of falling asleep on a train while they were out scavenging coal. He ends up in Calcutta, not understanding the local language, and prey to all manner of threats. He is ultimately taken to the police who, unable to trace his family, arrange for him to be placed in an orphanage. An Australian couple, Sue and John Brierley, apply to adopt him, and he starts a new life with them in Tasmania.

Many years later, as a young man he moves to Melbourne, where he meets Lucy, an American student. During a meal with some Indian friends he comes across a dish that reminds him of his childhood. This spurs him to try to find his biological mother, a search that continues after he returns to Hobart to see his adoptive mother. Then one evening he recognises something on Google Earth that reminds him of where his mother used to work. Supported by Sue, he returns to his hometown, where there is an emotional reunion with his mother.

He learns that he has been mispronouncing his name, which is in fact Sheru, from the Hindu word sher for