28 March 2017

”Deepwater Horizon"

A dramatisation of an event that shook America and didn't do any favours for BP, the oil company responsible for the Deepwater Horizon oil rig that exploded with loss of life and causing massive pollution in the Gulf of Mexico.

Drilling is still at the exploratory stage but the BP executives are keen to get the well producing. Despite warning signs that all was not as it should be, inspections were curtailed and inconsistent stress tests were interpreted too favourably. The guys on the rig weren't happy but the bosses prevailed and the result was a catastrophe.

In this film we see the incident from the perspective of the rig's chief electrician, Mike Williams, played by Mark Warlberg. Kate Hudson plays Williams' wife, Felicia, who with other relatives watch the drama unfold on live television. This is, therefore, very much a human story as well as a detailed depiction of the events that led up to the disaster.